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Ripping Up the Highway - Fails of the Week | FailArmy


    UNISOLAcum lună

    Best one in a while. We should put pigs in every robocall center.

  • David Russell

    David Russell

    Acum lună


  • Brad Santaniello

    Brad Santaniello

    Acum lună

    That pig was looking to extend his car warranty.

  • Awake Recordings

    Awake Recordings

    Acum lună

    Every call center has pigs in them, they are called scammers

  • JL Ribeiro

    JL Ribeiro

    Acum lună

    So i think that is not only on Brazil that shit happens. Telemarketing is a problem here. We keep our phone unplugged in my home!!!

  • Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Acum lună

    I concur.

  • Lee.au_
    Lee.au_Acum 6 Zile

    2:20, is that Nick Avocado?-

  • the boi
    the boiAcum 7 Zile

    0:39 “sup”

  • M N
    M NAcum 14 Zile

    bad father

  • r777 gm
    r777 gmAcum 14 Zile

    1:55 Call-centre Apple..

  • soldancer
    soldancerAcum 14 Zile

    @ 1:54 They looked boared.

  • Travis Olander
    Travis OlanderAcum 14 Zile

    Lumber customer service center: *exists* Wild boar: *And I took that personally*

  • Sim, como descobriu?
    Sim, como descobriu?Acum 16 Zile

    3:57 Is this real?! it likes an apocalypse. Jesus Christ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Ryder Jarrell
    Ryder JarrellAcum 16 Zile

    Waxing "fails" are shit.

  • francisco garcia
    francisco garciaAcum 19 Zile

    Se is you is game failarmy

  • noob boon
    noob boonAcum 22 Zile

    these are so FUNNY! 10/10 recommend!

  • River Gowens
    River GowensAcum 23 Zile

    Events she fa and defenceman

  • Lenora Collins
    Lenora CollinsAcum 24 Zile

    Awwwwe the perm dude.

  • Ahmed Alic
    Ahmed AlicAcum 25 Zile


  • X
    XAcum 26 Zile

    That poor little girl expecting a surprise and getting a creepy doll in her face instead, I didn’t like that one. She was so happy and innocent, it was so mean.

  • julsdanworld
    julsdanworldAcum 26 Zile

    Ana bell

  • will420ist
    will420istAcum 27 Zile

    Part of me thinks: 'People need to stop filming themselves like morons. ' The other part: 'This is my competition in life, so have at it.'

  • Roo Hamm
    Roo HammAcum 28 Zile

    2:55 haven't we seen this often enough to KNOW it NEVER ends well..? Look at the hair on that cutie!!💕UNDER THE ARM??? Major Fail...

  • Takumi Kazuhiko
    Takumi KazuhikoAcum lună

    The raccoon: what the heck those humans screaming about?... Haven't you heard the raccoon posing?

  • Alex
    AlexAcum lună

    That poor raccoon was terrified

  • Oman Sina
    Oman SinaAcum lună


  • Oman Sina

    Oman Sina

    Acum lună


  • Jelani Bobcombe
    Jelani BobcombeAcum lună

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  • Ash Maguire
    Ash MaguireAcum lună

    I don't understand the fact that why no one is discussing about Rocket hiding in that washroom.

  • Костадин Анчев
    Костадин АнчевAcum lună

    f for my keyboard

  • mutlupb
    mutlupbAcum lună

    Damn that nose waxing looked like he was pulling baby porcupines out of his nostrils. Blond ones....

  • Damien Dumouchel
    Damien DumouchelAcum lună

    Man, vanity looks painful!

  • Samuel Blake
    Samuel BlakeAcum lună

    quearz. I luv feminine males.

  • Kody Nester
    Kody NesterAcum lună

    Lmfao that ugly thing at 3:53 looking like Elvis with that goofy hair

  • Abigelow21
    Abigelow21Acum lună

    The guy driving through the high way was like a disaster move lmao

  • Charley Weisiger
    Charley WeisigerAcum lună

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  • Charley Weisiger
    Charley WeisigerAcum lună

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  • Charley Weisiger
    Charley WeisigerAcum lună

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  • Charley Weisiger
    Charley WeisigerAcum lună

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  • J r
    J rAcum lună

    I hope that snowplow driver was ok.

  • Sal Monella
    Sal MonellaAcum lună

    That boar was tired of hearing about his car warranty.

  • Franklin Moturi
    Franklin MoturiAcum lună

    6;48 Curl fail. "I HAVE SENIOR PICTURES IN 2 DAYS!"🤣

  • Gonzalo Muñoz
    Gonzalo MuñozAcum lună

    😂Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai 😂

  • Gonzalo Muñoz
    Gonzalo MuñozAcum lună


  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay BeatsAcum lună

    That pig saved countless grandmas from being scammed that day.

  • elijah moore
    elijah mooreAcum lună

    1:58 how is this a fail thats a win

  • Joker Bad-Man
    Joker Bad-ManAcum lună

    Es gib Datenschutz, und da Google eine Daten-Krake ist.. lasse ich es..

  • Jay Bee
    Jay BeeAcum lună

    Some people on here should have their own video titled: Fuckwits of the week.

  • shovelmastaflash
    shovelmastaflashAcum lună

    Why are all these idiots from California? Is it just that California has more idiots or what?

  • WormDBZ1
    WormDBZ1Acum lună

    Epic fails

  • Brian Bookter
    Brian BookterAcum lună

    Women ahhhhhhhh Man that is so awesome

  • Yo bi
    Yo biAcum lună

    Can someone please explain 1:20

  • Mike Deosaran
    Mike DeosaranAcum lună


  • Jay Wilson
    Jay WilsonAcum lună

    0:36 That was like Batman revealed in Batman vs. Superman. And the dude's reaction was hysterical.

  • Miss Milk
    Miss MilkAcum lună


  • pelle paltnacke
    pelle paltnackeAcum lună

    You guys literally call anything a fail nowadays... '' Look missmatching socks HAHEHUAHEHOH FAAAIL'' WHY ARE YOU STILL AROUND FAILARMY FUCK

  • Sighduf
    SighdufAcum lună

    Raccoon making head shake "What's up" twice !

  • XxThre3Che3rz4Dem0litionxX
    XxThre3Che3rz4Dem0litionxXAcum lună

    Your first mistake: You wanted a perm

  • Old Andy
    Old AndyAcum lună


  • nezerous
    nezerousAcum lună

    Truck guy at the start was trying to get to 88mph

  • Ray Kniga-Bartlett
    Ray Kniga-BartlettAcum lună

    2:42 well shit

  • hobmarg
    hobmargAcum lună

    Why did that fucking pilot not land in open water? Could've easily killed someone.

  • Tularis
    TularisAcum lună

    What was so 18+ in this video that I had to “verify my age” with google for?

  • Laura
    LauraAcum lună

    2:34 Patrick Swayze stepped in - *EvErY gIrLs DrEaM*

  • Michael
    MichaelAcum lună

    Did that Racoon just say wats up?

  • Abominable Bomb in a Bowl
    Abominable Bomb in a BowlAcum lună

    SUBZ for steaks

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor JesusAcum lună

    2:12 you know you've played too much gta when you were expecting him to go flying...

  • André Mello
    André MelloAcum lună

    6:26 That's not funny

  • Anastasia Vandyke
    Anastasia VandykeAcum lună

    3:58 man this one isn't funny that's the scariest thing I have ever seen

  • MSK _Plays
    MSK _PlaysAcum lună

    0:36 Yo leave my guy alone! He’s just chillin

  • AndreasJornland
    AndreasJornlandAcum lună

    Why is every clip so loud in these kind of clips. I have my volume on the lowest and still loud...

  • Eric Sellmate
    Eric SellmateAcum lună

    Videos are going awfully gay

  • Emil Cioran
    Emil CioranAcum lună

    That guy with nose hairs was the biggest fail in this video. Not funny at all just annoying

  • Daniel j Cor-i-ca
    Daniel j Cor-i-caAcum lună

    The camera vehicle driving in the snow was more of a win then a fail.

  • OJH Foto
    OJH FotoAcum lună

    You have to stop adding sound effects.. holy shit, those stinks up your videos..

  • Grezza Smidge
    Grezza SmidgeAcum lună

    4:31- Got bad news for you girl, it grows back again!

  • Gr8p 420
    Gr8p 420Acum lună

    It think some of these peoples brains just shorted out for a quick second

  • your friendly neighborhood shrimp
    your friendly neighborhood shrimpAcum lună

    4:51 i mean she made the drop in, respect.

  • waldo9254
    waldo9254Acum lună

    Pretty sure the guy at 3:34 legit thought he could walk on water.

  • Sandman
    SandmanAcum lună

    2:50 Why? just....why?

  • Fernel Curameng
    Fernel CuramengAcum lună

    Hot dang that avenger vid is great.

  • Veldtian1
    Veldtian1Acum lună

    Failed opportunity to use the Back to the Future theme.

  • James Satterfield
    James SatterfieldAcum lună

    I like when the girl screams, the cats come running to help.

  • Blake Burke
    Blake BurkeAcum lună

    The raccoon video actually happened to me

  • boom 1024
    boom 1024Acum lună

    1:59 now I know why it takes so long for sirius radio customer service to answer...

  • Tyler Shaw
    Tyler ShawAcum lună

    That semi though.....why so fast?

  • Nilay Didolkar
    Nilay DidolkarAcum lună

    06:33 I love how the cats came running as soon as the lil girl screamed.

  • Chinchilla
    ChinchillaAcum lună

    Those wax things aren't working cause the skin is too loose, pull the skin back then rip at 'er.

  • Shroomin'
    Shroomin'Acum lună

    “So I just got my perm done.” This is a sentence that should never be spoken by a man.

    the GRAVYTRAINAcum lună

    My first question is "why did you get your hair permed at all?"

  • Gplus sucks big
    Gplus sucks bigAcum lună

    D A T P E R M

  • Nkbm_
    Nkbm_Acum lună

    i love the clip withe the pig

  • Kelsea Nova
    Kelsea NovaAcum lună

    The fuckjng raccoon was great

  • Jesse The pond hopper
    Jesse The pond hopperAcum lună

    Men don't get perms lmfao

  • Jesse The pond hopper
    Jesse The pond hopperAcum lună

    That baby had a mullet lmfao

  • The One
    The OneAcum lună

    2:00 Indian call center. You have a virus

  • Miso
    MisoAcum lună

    Am I the only one getting annoyed but the added sound effects?

  • The Mad Murf
    The Mad MurfAcum lună

    Did she call the guy at 5:05 "Burger"?

  • Rehat Singh
    Rehat SinghAcum lună


  • stanley weezy
    stanley weezyAcum lună

    3:58 Zombie Highway in real life!!

  • TheWeardale1
    TheWeardale1Acum lună

    perm LMAO

  • Madboi04
    Madboi04Acum lună

    1:13 these anti period shaming campaigns are really getting out of hand

  • scarletletter68
    scarletletter68Acum lună

    Did anyone else hear the Benny Hill Theme song when that pig ran in the call center?

  • J.
    J.Acum lună

    Fails of the week... shows videos from 5 years ago🤷‍♂️

  • Matheus Fernandes
    Matheus FernandesAcum lună

    What is the name of music in your opening @FailArmy?

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie TaylorAcum lună

    Racoon be like: Wassup