Who's Gonna Pay? | Funny Expensive Fails Compilation 2021

Exercise equipment and recreation, vertical bowling and a cluelessly destructive grandma, viewing this week's compilation of expensive fails requires a BYOI... Bring Your Own Insurance!

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  • Florian Spatz
    Florian SpatzAcum 2 luni

    6:53 Ah yeah, the classic „R“ for „Racemode“

  • Jack Scudder

    Jack Scudder

    Acum lună

    R also stands for Ruin your garage door.



    Acum lună

    @YazZuo stands for reverse

  • Danilo Momcilovic

    Danilo Momcilovic

    Acum 2 luni

    ah,classic kiddos with mommas money and no brain,cuz parents are working,no time for learning ur kids common sense. U have to love rich brats.

  • ~ 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐝𝐲 ~

    ~ 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐰𝐝𝐲 ~

    Acum 2 luni

    Or RAIL.

  • John Paul Rufo

    John Paul Rufo

    Acum 2 luni


  • Corni YT
    Corni YTAcum 8 ore

    Is it only me or is this looking cind of FUNNY

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak KumarAcum o Zi

    1:02 everyone close eyes

  • Enhanced Mindfulness
    Enhanced MindfulnessAcum o Zi

    People care more about their phones or getting something on video than people themselves... sad

  • Mr. Navy
    Mr. NavyAcum 2 Zile

    0:01 Tokyo drift

  • Jim John
    Jim JohnAcum 3 Zile

    Failarmy is so good at recycling they could save the earth.

  • Ablorde A
    Ablorde AAcum 4 Zile

    3:02 the man has decided to quit his job

  • Gatonymus Rojas
    Gatonymus RojasAcum 5 Zile


  • Barry Cabell
    Barry CabellAcum 6 Zile

    The unaccountable withdrawal contrastingly amuse because competition indisputably harm across a unwritten narcissus. devilish, curly boot

  • Psalm 3713
    Psalm 3713Acum 6 Zile

    He indeed has "loads". Not so much balance. hahah

  • Abstrakt
    AbstraktAcum 8 Zile

    1:54 RIP car

  • Brian F
    Brian FAcum 9 Zile

    4:56 lmao

  • Tomás Gil Vasquez
    Tomás Gil VasquezAcum 9 Zile


  • jamflowman
    jamflowmanAcum 10 Zile

    I just thought the new profile picture was the AFV logo lol

  • SM自由行
    SM自由行Acum 11 Zile

    Title should be "we did make things into rubbishes"

  • trampoline cat jump
    trampoline cat jumpAcum 13 Zile

    7:05 when the child uses the drone

  • trampoline cat jump
    trampoline cat jumpAcum 13 Zile

    3:55 why would they make that out of glass?

  • The 90210 Officer
    The 90210 OfficerAcum 13 Zile

    0:25 Golf 101: don't PLAY at the house.

  • Nicky Dicky
    Nicky DickyAcum 18 Zile

    How do some people just live without a phone case

  • Moritz Vogel
    Moritz VogelAcum 19 Zile

    Most of this is really just people not using their brains at all.. so many avoidable incidents

  • Yehia Sarhan
    Yehia SarhanAcum 19 Zile


    XD DIRTMARTAcum 20 Zile

    1:43 ofc russian

  • dustin scheller
    dustin schellerAcum 20 Zile

    You've got loads of balance

  • not your average NOAH
    not your average NOAHAcum 21 o Zi

    2:58 Minecraft glass breaking origin?

  • Luke Sidler
    Luke SidlerAcum 21 o Zi

    6:18 I know, i'll just videotape these people sinking to their death instead of running to save them. Jeez

  • flss fieloøds
    flss fieloødsAcum 21 o Zi

    I can tell you once I went golfing and fell and broke my fhone

  • DrumZ DuVal
    DrumZ DuValAcum 22 Zile

    4:44 what kind of voice is that?😂

  • Joe Maggi
    Joe MaggiAcum 23 Zile

    6:53 Yeah race mode..... that’s what R stands for right? Thought so. BRRRAAAAHHHH!

    GAMING_isAWES0MEAcum 23 Zile

    5:40 why is a guy pole dancing, makes me wanna puke

  • Eddy Barragan
    Eddy BarraganAcum 23 Zile

    4:32 unicycle lol

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe BryantAcum 25 Zile

    Expensive fails?

  • Woody
    WoodyAcum 25 Zile

    2:10, let me guess, does his own welding, lol

  • Jean Connard
    Jean ConnardAcum 25 Zile

    Name of the last car with year?

  • Germani Montaño pino
    Germani Montaño pinoAcum 26 Zile


  • Syafiq Azizan
    Syafiq AzizanAcum 27 Zile

    the intro feels like the ace of spades

  • Timmeee
    TimmeeeAcum 27 Zile

    7:04 tf is that window made of? Paper?

  • Sharan Shibu
    Sharan ShibuAcum 27 Zile

    1:42 wait.... I REALLY don't think I was in siberia last month, but those things CAN only happen to me lol...

  • Slushy _YT
    Slushy _YTAcum 28 Zile

    7:02 perfect landing.😂

  • Slushy _YT
    Slushy _YTAcum 28 Zile

    5:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ZZKuL4
    ZZKuL4Acum 28 Zile

    1:57 that is not a fail actually, pretty good reaction

  • Christian I
    Christian IAcum 29 Zile

    4:34 rip incline club :( my home for years

  • trnawa1982
    trnawa1982Acum 29 Zile

    7:05 Amazon prime delivery drone

  • trnawa1982
    trnawa1982Acum 29 Zile

    0:15 You are in Hummer. Problem it's H3

  • vubevube
    vubevubeAcum lună

    "Expensive fails" girl hits some dry wall with her butt, total cost of damage 3$

  • Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channel
    Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channelAcum lună

    Insurance, lol.

  • AJI Pro
    AJI ProAcum lună

    4:56 *Mario 64 slide music starts playing*

  • Steady Dippin
    Steady DippinAcum lună

    Makes me feel smart but poor

  • Alfred John Arcega
    Alfred John ArcegaAcum lună

    3:55 Smash hit Glass broke sound

  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious GamingAcum lună

    7:06 That drone was Made by stone or something?

  • OKon Stacy
    OKon StacyAcum lună

    The shut path arthroscopically correct because chief paradoxically remove an a level grass. short, enchanting army

  • Helter Skeletons
    Helter SkeletonsAcum lună

    you broke the bull

  • Helter Skeletons
    Helter SkeletonsAcum lună

    7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror

  • Zélina Lumina
    Zélina LuminaAcum lună

    stupid américa world and israel

    MAGGOT VOMITAcum lună

    @ 5:40 What kind of sicko puts that on here? Destroy it with FIRE.

  • Brian Greve
    Brian GreveAcum lună

    5:37 i thought they were gonna slip and the tv fell

  • Zigzag McCrack
    Zigzag McCrackAcum lună

    3:31 What shit is the spoiler made of? Fiberglass or carbon fiber is not easy to break. Chinese plastic?

  • Azariah Boateng
    Azariah BoatengAcum lună

    5:45 call me by my name

  • MaxwellTheBlackHoleVideoEditor64
    MaxwellTheBlackHoleVideoEditor64Acum lună

    Great job love your vids really appreciate it

  • Elite Releases
    Elite ReleasesAcum lună

    The watery pocket fortunately obey because mint specially stretch in a miniature thunder. helpful, classy deal

  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay BeatsAcum lună

    "Are you in race mode?"

  • B13
    B13Acum lună

    2:32 Why is this same video on 23 episodes of Fail Army? It wasn't that entertaining the first time.

  • Urvashi
    UrvashiAcum lună

    So everything is normal, when "I got that in video"....????? 🙄🙄🙄🙏

  • Charts JvChonte
    Charts JvChonteAcum lună


  • Isabella Schwartz
    Isabella SchwartzAcum lună

    After this vid I could not stop laughing

  • omega zero YT
    omega zero YTAcum lună

    Peoples Is idiot

  • Kathryn Nazaire
    Kathryn NazaireAcum lună

    1:36 Great, now the driver is dirty AND stuck in the car. Ouch. Q_Q

  • Colin
    ColinAcum lună

    6:42 "YUP, I didn't go warn the driver I just recorded it because I'm a c*nt"

  • Marco Di Fruscia
    Marco Di FrusciaAcum lună

    7:46 Ok, let's just not look where we're going :D

  • Marco Di Fruscia
    Marco Di FrusciaAcum lună

    The amount of phones though..........

  • Wolf momma21
    Wolf momma21Acum lună

    Phone falls into the water by a gator and your first thing is "oh no get your phone!" No ma'am, he can have it now!

  • diggydaz2007
    diggydaz2007Acum lună

    WAY too many ads on this! Wtf. Like 4 interruptions on an 8 min vid. Get back to ole school.

  • The Cheese Monster
    The Cheese MonsterAcum lună

    90% of the people in this video are idiots ngl

  • akash varunn D
    akash varunn DAcum lună


  • ComDam
    ComDamAcum lună

    5:42 he looks weerd

  • NeWoTic
    NeWoTic Acum lună

    0:20 So Beatiful Day guys my car is drowning 😐

  • GASOLO13
    GASOLO13Acum lună

    lol @ 1:36

  • Lucas Jensen
    Lucas JensenAcum lună

    7:00 did this man here race mode and put it in reverse lmfao

  • Lucas Jensen
    Lucas JensenAcum lună

    3:46 wtf was there goal ???

  • yoshi
    yoshiAcum lună

    0:27 no one is gonna talk about how this girl hit a golf ball and didnt expect to hit it far

  • TrunkJunky
    TrunkJunkyAcum lună

    1:46 Russian Driver: Cyka Blyat! Thin Ice: And so I took that personally...

  • Gaming Norwegian
    Gaming NorwegianAcum lună

    Sometimes I wonder if people are being stupid on purpose... So much here shouldn’t be possible to do accidentally.

  • Gabriel Wang
    Gabriel WangAcum lună

    The most expensive ones is where there is serious injuries bc American hospital costs are a bitch

  • Jonathan P.
    Jonathan P.Acum lună

    01:28 JEEP = Just Emptied Every Pocket

  • Sakonema
    SakonemaAcum lună

    I hate rich people. But I have a solution to the problem. Any rich person who violates the law twice, will have their money donated to charity and they have to live with minimum wage for 12 months. If they use more money than that, they go to jail.

  • Ibrahim Zindine

    Ibrahim Zindine

    Acum lună

    rich people literally give jobs

  • OnMyWay
    OnMyWayAcum lună

    5:37 C'est bon, tu l'as ? Je l'ai ... TaBarNack, ColiSs !! Sti qu'j'aime les québécois 😏

  • Two
    TwoAcum lună

    7:03 is this a cartoon or real life? Like = real life Reply = cartoon

  • Lemon Media
    Lemon MediaAcum lună

    3:34 mans threw up his hands like it was the car’s fault

  • Many_Lives
    Many_LivesAcum lună

    "Expensive" is a strong word for anything in this video.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher LeeAcum lună

    The Jeep dying in the mud was a fail but the fact that the guy bought a jeep in the first place was an even bigger fail.

  • Tien Shinhan
    Tien ShinhanAcum lună

    Someone watching their car fall through the ice: Completely silent. Someone dropping their phone: “OH NO!”

  • Abistar Imperium Vlog®AIV
    Abistar Imperium Vlog®AIVAcum lună

    Amazing Imo✔️

  • Cralziel Agraves
    Cralziel AgravesAcum lună

    1:15 ha, I get it because its expensive to be injured in US

  • Ethan Stephens
    Ethan StephensAcum lună

    1:09 had me scared for that dude's life, with all that glass there.

  • Everyday Apple User
    Everyday Apple UserAcum lună

    Some fails sadden me though

  • Lex
    LexAcum lună

    5:47 ma che cazzo fai..che schifo!!

  • Panos Javaspa
    Panos JavaspaAcum lună

    5:42 this is a man's World.. 🎶🎶🎶

  • Vino Bobo
    Vino BoboAcum lună

    Wwooowww amanjing

  • MrBOSSman4283
    MrBOSSman4283Acum lună

    What...was the point...of ramming into your car door...

  • Curtis Braun
    Curtis BraunAcum lună

    6:23 Look how graceful they are, in perfect unison...... here we are at the 2021 International Synchronized Sled swimming competition.....

  • MTB XTreme
    MTB XTremeAcum lună