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  • Suleyman Ilyasov
    Suleyman IlyasovAcum 22 ore

    A bananaaa!!!!! 🤣

  • DetectiveHeather Holmes
    DetectiveHeather HolmesAcum 22 ore

    That last video.. They've gotta feel like the LUCKIEST person alive.

  • Filipe Cerqueira
    Filipe CerqueiraAcum 22 ore

    the final one is incredible

  • Krazy NS
    Krazy NSAcum 23 ore

    Why am i mad

  • Nerdgiant
    NerdgiantAcum 23 ore

    That very first clip of the girl failing the hurdle reminds of Sue Heck from The Middle.

  • Ssakcaj the plasmanoid
    Ssakcaj the plasmanoidAcum 23 ore

    what's wrong with those grapes

  • Pumpkin Hill
    Pumpkin HillAcum 23 ore

    7:45 Guy on left: Well that was fucked. His two friends: Perfect!

  • An0nYm0uS! surfer
    An0nYm0uS! surferAcum 23 ore

    2:30 ahh! Every man felt that.

  • chichoskruch21
    chichoskruch21Acum 23 ore

    Ok but seriously... how tf do people not know about taxes???

  • Saket Wankar
    Saket WankarAcum 23 ore

    This video is my all time favorite.❤️

  • Ssakcaj the plasmanoid
    Ssakcaj the plasmanoidAcum 23 ore

    13:18 wheely unfortunate

  • pavithra pichandi
    pavithra pichandiAcum 23 ore


  • The Bunnisher
    The BunnisherAcum 23 ore

    5:38 That is absolutely unreal epic

  • pavithra pichandi
    pavithra pichandiAcum 23 ore


  • Union Jack: The voice of England
    Union Jack: The voice of EnglandAcum o Zi

    0:42. What a wuss. I bet he bitch cries when someone steals hit twinkie bar.

  • Clankas in pajamas
    Clankas in pajamasAcum o Zi

    Tim is a legend

  • Aesthetic Girl
    Aesthetic GirlAcum o Zi

    I was so scared for the pregnant lady 🥺 not cool

  • Wood Stream
    Wood StreamAcum o Zi

    That announce could have waited until after the jump

  • wolf52804 gaming
    wolf52804 gamingAcum o Zi

    He just wanted to play gta in real life

  • The Average Simmer
    The Average SimmerAcum o Zi

    That first dude literally might have died.

  • Matt Dalton
    Matt DaltonAcum o Zi

    Did the guy at the drive-in have a stroke or something?

  • rona payne
    rona payneAcum o Zi

    I can't help feeling sorry for the delivery guys xx

  • Lyra Cyst
    Lyra CystAcum o Zi

    The elite storm nutritionally shiver because channel perioperatively order through a same nephew. fragile, humorous north

  • sxherxcaryl 01
    sxherxcaryl 01Acum o Zi

    That poor Amazon delivery guy 😭 but somehow it's always them. Almost everytime I see them deliver stuff something happens 🤣

  • Hawaiian Shirts
    Hawaiian ShirtsAcum o Zi

    5:07 needs a Bill Murray voiceover: "The flowers are still standing!"

  • Tommy Kay
    Tommy KayAcum o Zi

    "Why is that so bright?" Obvious no you!

  • dangegnkan znak
    dangegnkan znakAcum o Zi

    5:06 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr boom

  • Aeon
    AeonAcum o Zi

    nice shot😂

  • corv
    corvAcum o Zi

    4:10 my man is chillin

  • I’m Awesome
    I’m AwesomeAcum o Zi

    This guy just yeeted the trash

  • Ludvig PT
    Ludvig PTAcum o Zi

    2:05 OMFG - ONLY RUSSIAN !!

  • Phil McGladdery
    Phil McGladderyAcum o Zi

    DJI Phantoms have got to be the unluckiest drones ever.

  • Svarog Sacerdos
    Svarog SacerdosAcum o Zi

    Ска пздц, у меня аж сжалось всё от боли😖

  • Courtney:HelloMrKrinkle
    Courtney:HelloMrKrinkleAcum o Zi

    Omg if I knew this would be nothing but mostly kids crying, I would not have watched this video.

  • Thanatos616
    Thanatos616Acum o Zi

    3:19 this fail is far better and harder to perform.

  • Грек ФФ
    Грек ФФAcum o Zi

    Поза 69

  • Preston Gower
    Preston GowerAcum o Zi

    At 4:26 you can call that break farting lol

  • FeedScrn
    FeedScrnAcum o Zi

    I thought that I was forgetful... but never left the car without putting it into Park first.

  • Chintu Saroha
    Chintu SarohaAcum o Zi

    Apple wasn't the one suggesting 'Gravity' It's the cats we should be thankful to 🤣

  • Laserbeak_TR
    Laserbeak_TRAcum o Zi


  • Gergely Simonics
    Gergely SimonicsAcum o Zi


  • Born2Heal
    Born2HealAcum o Zi

    big big

  • Bluegirl Channel
    Bluegirl ChannelAcum o Zi


  • The Unknown player
    The Unknown playerAcum o Zi

    2:31 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cristiano
    cristianoAcum o Zi

    2:29 thats a win

  • Sandwich
    SandwichAcum o Zi

    cant relate, in europe, we have houses made out of stones.

  • andrei Villasana
    andrei VillasanaAcum o Zi

    5:47 he said the f word I'm dead😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bailey125
    bailey125Acum o Zi

    Just stop

  • Eff3ct
    Eff3ctAcum o Zi

    1:45 what is that?

  • Neil Aspinall
    Neil AspinallAcum o Zi

    I do not understand why people laugh when a person has obviously really hurt themselves? I also find it strange that half a micro second after a serious accident they say, ' are you OK? ' How the F**k would they know?

  • Nathan Stegner
    Nathan StegnerAcum o Zi

    Can’t put a price tag on stupidity

  • Nathan Stegner
    Nathan StegnerAcum o Zi

    My lord do I hate people that STOP at a YIELD sign! They are two completely different words that yes, have completely different meanings. Derp🤮

  • anb3rlyn
    anb3rlynAcum o Zi

    Dad fails are Hilarious Just like there jokes 💥We💗Dads💥

  • Warhammer audiobooks by Anton Kondakov
    Warhammer audiobooks by Anton KondakovAcum o Zi

    Large muscules - zero intelligent

  • James Koons
    James KoonsAcum o Zi

    Dude laying on the horn at the yield is a fucking idiot

  • Catholic Knight
    Catholic KnightAcum o Zi

    3:32 😆🤣

  • Phlought Gnarpsehs
    Phlought GnarpsehsAcum o Zi

    Fail: captioning laughter.

  • H H
    H HAcum o Zi

    That Canadian Cobra Chicken at 7:58 and its bad attitude, is why Canadians in general are such nice people. The CCC soaks up all the bad vibes and leaves none for the Canadians. Except when Canadians put on hockey skates.

  • Darkness Kun
    Darkness KunAcum o Zi

    Easy peasy

  • harry mangan
    harry manganAcum o Zi

    Guy is a red 🍅 live and walking lol 😂🤣😂🤣 tomato 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • JohnandEve Foster
    JohnandEve FosterAcum o Zi

    I understand the curiosity we have as parents . Its fun to see how are babies react to certain things or changes... like, one baby might absolutely love being tossed up in the air . While another baby might hate it... but, when you know that they hate it and do it any way just so you can see how cute that face of terror they make, well, that's just plain WRONG. how many babies have to be broken into peices when they lose the image of their dad that they know and LOVE ...before we as parents will STOP breaking one heart after another . JUST so we can entertain our selves and others? ... if your thinking of doing this to your baby, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! reconsider... its really not funny to break your babies heart. I know it can be grown back, but they don't know that... is it really worth their pain? the title of this upload is ...Parenting done wrong ... so far, the only wrong parenting I have seen thus far ( I paused this right after the beard removal traumatized traumatized baby ) was just that... the rest is just normal

  • Juan Lowe
    Juan LoweAcum o Zi

    mine is the 1st one

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario LopezAcum o Zi

    Yo did that last guy die ? That was wild

  • Joshua Gadsby
    Joshua GadsbyAcum o Zi

    1:00 How is this going way to fast??

  • Pfsif
    PfsifAcum o Zi

    Should show people getting this experimental new tech injected into their bodies.

  • aamitsethii
    aamitsethiiAcum o Zi

    5:06 thank god the dog didn't get crushed 🙏🏻🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Koala
    KoalaAcum o Zi

    3:50 future drummer

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyAcum o Zi

    The girl with the makeup was adorable.

  • Heden Le Chien
    Heden Le ChienAcum o Zi

    3:57 it's free

  • Bruno DECOURCY
    Bruno DECOURCYAcum o Zi

    2:04. Excellent editing!